With over 20 years in the beauty industry, nail specialist Valyn ‘Quetel’ Deveaux, better known as ‘Q’ has amassed a loyal clientele.

For these individuals, it is not just the cutting-edge nail artistry, soothing ambience, and the amazing service that she provides, but it is also the spontaneous good counsel that she often unleashes.  She has become a sought after motivational voice, because her passion for purpose and people are quite evident.

Quetel is a nail artist extraordinaire, a consummate professional, and a giving soul, but her most prized accomplishment is the relationship that she has with her Father in Heaven.  She speaks passionately about His many blessings, including her supportive and loving husband, four beautiful kids, grand-daughter and close family bond.

Considered one of the best in not just The Bahamas, but the world, Quetel’s positive outlook on life and motivational conversation, makes those nail sessions go by too quickly.  The demand for her stellar service, attention to detail, and ‘no-nonsense’ approach to excellence, makes ‘Q’ a house-hold name, and with the great passion that she displays in her work, the best is yet to come!